the Good thing about The immense luxury that some people afford can: work. Before the end of the champagne bottle smashes on the hull, pomp and splendor draw the attention, an Abundance of the owner’s caresses, welded, slapped, screwed, and wired. Orders for super-yachts keeping shipyards afloat, mean employment for artisans, designers, artists, service providers. To a large caliber is completed, it will take years.

Walter Wille

editorial “technology and Motor”

F. A. Z.

The photographer Silvano Pupella from Turin, the Will of the giants, has documented the 50 000 square meters of exhibition work site by Sanlorenzo in La Spezia with the camera.

the yachts of at least 40 metres in length and are manufactured in steel and aluminum. Around 180 000 hours of work in a Yacht as the 47-Meter Explorer 500 Exp; daily for two years, about 60 workers are needed. For the construction of a 64-Meter boat Sanlorenzo uses an average of 130 man of the day; 400 000 hours of work to collect within a period of three years. Pupella is limited in his black-and-white photographs of work on the metal.

The fascination of the giants, says the head of the Shipyard Massimo Perotti, would also, if the finished product is not to be seen. Who wants to check and happened to be in the vicinity is: to the 10. March 2019 are shown in the photos in an exhibition in the Castello di San Giorgio La Spezia.

pictures of the route