The prices keep going up. Little by little, inflation is eating away at the purchasing power of French people, for whom the situation is becoming ever more complex, as Planet has explained in the past. All in all, they believe they lack at least 510 euros per month, on average, to live decently. Fortunately, tricks exist to recover all or part of this unfortunately lost sum. Some are more restrictive than others, such as renting your property or your vehicle. These are generally the most efficient and cost-effective.

However, at a time when potatoes could run out in a few months and when energy is so expensive that the government is forced to cap prices, any savings are good to take. This is why the small daily gestures must also be considered very seriously. One of the simplest to set up, as the specialized blog How to save rightly points out, concerns the withdrawal of banknotes from the ATM.

Anyone hoping to save money should indeed be vigilant before withdrawing money from an ATM. Ideally, explains the specialized site, you should set a maximum amount to withdraw weekly and stick to it. Then, in order not to suffer from the bank charges associated with withdrawing money, the safest thing is to recover everything at once.

You can then divide the amount recovered into different envelopes to better organize your budget and not overflow: once the envelope is empty, this means that you should no longer spend on your leisure activities, for example…