Ever more elaborate tricks. As you know, ATMs are the favorite playground for scammers and scams have multiplied there in recent years. One thing is certain, if you think you have fallen into a trap, you must act quickly. As explained on the website of the Ministry of the Economy, the first step is to make an opposition, via the number communicated by your bank or by the interbank service for opposition to the bank card (0 892 705 705). “When you call, you will be given a registration number. You must keep it since it constitutes a dated record of your opposition, which is valuable in the event of a dispute”, adds the site.

Once you have made an objection, remember to check your bank account to ensure that fraudulent transactions have not been made. “Even in the event of an immediate absence of fraudulent operation, it is advisable to carry out this verification the following days”, specifies the Ministry of the Economy. Be careful, you have 13 months to report fraudulent payments to your bank, after which it is too late.

To avoid this, it is important to have the right reflexes. If the methods of the crooks vary a little, the objective is always the same, to steal your bank card and, if possible, the secret code that goes with it. The thugs know that they have very little time to act once the theft has been made, because you will very quickly object. They will therefore play on your confidence in just a few minutes, especially if you are a good Samaritan.

One method is particularly effective, that of the falsely swallowed bank card. You come to withdraw cash and everything goes well, until your credit card is swallowed by the ATM… At least that’s what you think. A person comes to meet you, explaining to you that he had the same problem and that you should approach an agent inside the establishment. In reality, he takes advantage of your absence to steal your bank card, which was blocked by a device affixed to the distributor.

It took him less than five minutes to make you fall into his trap and you can’t blame yourself, because many French people would also have fallen into the trap. To avoid being fooled, keep in mind the good reflexes that we reveal to you below.