on suspicion of sexual abuse of minors the diocese of Mainz has opened a Church vorermitt-ment proceedings against a priest in retirement. The man who lives in the diocese of Trier, needed to now let all of the priestly activities, to rest and of children and young people, informed the diocese of Trier. The accusation refers to an operation that spent more than 30 years back and the criminal law was time-barred.

the facts of The case had been filed in 2010 in the case of the prosecution, not criminal investigation, it came because of lapse of time. A Church vorermitt lung procedure had not been opened, said the spokesman of the diocese of Mainz.

In the worst case, dismissal from the cleric’s stand

This has been found in the processing of the personnel files according to the scientific study of the sexual abuse in the Catholic Church (MHG-study). “This will now be rescheduled to speak,” said the spokesman.

in the diocese of a Church’s internal investigation, which was initiated in the workup after the in September 2018 presented study. At the end of such investigations, a priest can be dismissed in the worst case, the Cleric. The bishopric of Mainz is located about two-thirds in the state of Hesse, the Rest belongs to Rhineland-Palatinate.