In Onnaing is a new grocery store Supéco open. Just a stone’s throw from the Belgian border, and that it is not a coincidence. This is the second of a total of five test stores of which the Carrefour under the name like, directly competing with the Colruyt group.

Supéco, it is cheaper than Colruyt, and yet they sell the same products. And that is the focus, because the Choice will want, the price war to win. In Spain, hungary, Romania, and Italy, and the neighbours all have different Supéco-discount stores are opened, with great success. Now it’s France’s turn to play.

Not by coincidence, the first two shops near the Belgian border, in the Valenciennes region, and in Onnaing. It is a conscious choice, ” says director Pascal Clouzard, in the journal of the Retail/Detail . “The north is a very price sensitive area. This is a new format, software, discount left out of the Choice on offer. It’s a supermarket of 1,300 m2 in size, with very competitive prices, especially for dry food and fresh food areas.”

Cash register through the app.

However, there are also a number of remarkable innovations, ” says Clouzard. “As pos systems that work with an app on a smart phone, while the customer can deal directly with the owner in a conversation via WhatsApp. To save the number of the references here, for example, two kinds of peas, canned, in lieu of the seven -, eight -, or nine-and elsewhere. We can save you time and money in terms of logistics.”

Or Supéco to our country, it is still not clear. Tentatively, there would be no plans in that direction.

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