It’s not every day that a regional Bank from the Italian city of Genoa employed in the financial world. However, in the first days of the new year draws surprisingly, the Banca manner Carige all the attention.

The Bank for several months is in trouble, because you are at risk of default loans in the amount of approximately 3.7 billion euros in its business books. Although this is a hefty sum, but a risk for the European banking system as a Whole does not depart from Genoa for sure. Nevertheless, the case deals with the European banking authority. After the last several rescue attempts with a crash failed, the Supervisory for the first time in its history, a Bank under forced administration. The means Of the supervision of appointed managers draw on a provisional basis the fortunes of Banca Carige, with the aim to stabilize you.

This sounds like a harsh measure, but one should not be deceived. All signs point to the fact that here, once again, a Bank with state help will be saved. This can leave no Europeans cold. After all, it was Europe’s governments have given to the 2008 financial crisis, its citizens a great promise. Never again should it be necessary to keep ailing banks with the money of the General public before the collapse. The instruments there is now in Europe: The newly created rules for Bank resolution before actually see that, especially shareholders and creditors, but possibly also wealthy savers with more than € 100,000 will be liable to the account in the event of a Bank failure. When, if not in the case of a relatively minor Bank in Genoa, you should go this way?