A Suite in Berlin’s Soho House. This guest will feel comfortable in the luxury of the hotel really like home: Cara Delevingne makes it feel as comfortable as in your own living room. She wears Jeans and T-Shirt, no shoes, and crosses his legs on the Sofa to cross-legged. Peter Lindbergh has photographed for the new campaign of the perfumery chain Douglas, therefore, is in the city. The 26-year-old British woman has long been doing as an actress (“Tulip fever”, “Margo’s footsteps”, “Valerian – The city of a thousand planets”). But once in a while is she still working as a Model.

Jennifer Wiebking

editor in the Department “life,” the Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper.

F. A. Z.

What you eat for Breakfast?

The Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I know people who only drink coffee or eat yogurt, I could not. I like to go to the place where I am. In Japan, for example, early pieces, I always Japanese.

Where do you buy your clothes?

I like to wear the clothes of my friends.

Lifts your mood, when you are shopping?

Yes, especially when I’m out with friends.

What is the oldest piece of clothing is in your closet?

I have things from my Childhood that I would later like to give time to my children. This includes T-Shirts with disney characters and Oshkosh dungarees.

What was your biggest fashion sin?

I don’t think. I repent of all they hate in life.

Wear pants at home Jogging?

Clearly every day. It must be comfortable. I pants travel mostly in Jogging.

do you Have style role models?

the Charlie Chaplin I think it’s great, because he was always the Same. Fashion people are not always the most fashionable people. I like people in uniforms. Firefighters have a great Look.

Have you ever used a clothing or piece of furniture.

In school I had a hand as a subject. I have then sewn a bag and a mermaid costume. A guitar made of wood I built.

you Have a complete Service?

Yes, my grandma has passed that on to me. Unfortunately, I know nothing about it. It’s not about who has it made, or how expensive it was. It just pleases me.

what was the self-cooked food could impress you friends?

when traveling, I often eat Fast Food, so I try to cook healthy. The my friends tastes. I’m good at any type of Egg for Breakfast. Or salmon and vegetables. I roast a chicken. I serve mashed potatoes and vegetables.

What Newspapers and magazines do you read?

I read mostly on the mobile phone and the Updates from the BBC. I always have so many Scripts to work through that Magazine a little time. But what is Edward Enninful at the British “Vogue”, I find incredibly good.

What sites and Blogs do you read?

I have also little time. But I’ll see what’s going on in the social media.

when you have written the last hand-written letter?

I was just on a Yoga Retreat in Thailand and I have sent a few post cards.

What book has impressed you the most?

I love Shakespeare. And Auto Biographies. The Lena Dunham and Tina Fey I have read.