A British man from the Durham area and could not believe his eyes when he sun-up to sun bewakingsbeelden looked at. The video was made to show how to be a man the day before, at the end of the day, wanted to break into his car. With a brick and tried to be a thief, and a pane of glass in the store, but then there was the karma system.

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a Man delivering parcel to a very messy finish, however, it is immediately punished with a karma

the Dangerous scenes on the highway will blow to deal out to the driver, suddenly, karma strikes:

find out More about that by any chance? Not a job for the arachnofoben: dozens of deadly spiders and break it up with a little bit of help from their cocoon in a Bizarre verkeersruzie ends with a schoenengevecht? The Manager of a nightclub and shocked by bewakingsbeelden usa in the round fly by, after the closing, Passengers getting a poncho, because it’s inside raining during the flight: “in The cockpit, under water