Car Builder is blackmailing hackers to access data from Stadler Rail audience of the Internet have appeared first images of the stolen documents, which originate from a cyber-attack against Stadler Rail. The blackmailer demanded $ 6 million.Philipp Felber-Eisele0 comment Peter Spuhlers Stadler Rail is being blackmailed by hackers. Now first data has been published. KEYSTONE

Stadler Rail is being blackmailed by hackers. The company announced at the beginning of may. Now the first images of the stolen data on the Internet showed up. This shows an anonymous Twitter Account that was recently opened.

Screenshot of the Tweets with the published Stadler-attack data from a hacker.

Stadler Rail announced a few weeks ago, when hacker’s attack “with a high probability of runoff data is not yet precisely known magnitude has occurred”. It was to be expected of a professional attack. “The unknown perpetrators tried to extort Stadler under exposure to high amounts of money and to put up with the possible release of data, under pressure, to harm the company and thus its employees.”

Stadler Rail has now confirmed the release of data in a statement to this newspaper. Stadler had been extorted a sum of six million dollars in Bitcoin. “Stadler is, and was at no time willing, to make payments to the blackmailer and has not taken part in the negotiations,” says a spokeswoman. As a result, the identity of the perpetrators have now released internal documents from Stadler, “to harm Stadler and his employees”.

“It is a confidential documents and data that were stolen by the criminal machinations of Stadler.” Stadler Rail has, in addition, that the use and application of documents and data to be illegal, the criminal perpetration support and the steady increase of other cyber attacks on businesses of any kind promotes. “Stadler has returned to his headquarters in Switzerland, display. In addition, Stadler in all countries with branches has the data protection authorities are contacted,” said the spokeswoman.

the pictures can be seen notes on a syndicated loan with UBS, the basic agreement with Credit Suisse, the tax-Ruling with the Canton of Thurgau and pictures of a construction project in the old Rhine. However, the data seem to be older in origin.

the Australian company affected

the action of the Hacker: First of all, you break into the IT systems, encrypting records, and demand money to unlock it again. Because many companies now make Backups to protect against such attacks, the pure Encrypt data, the same effect, because the data can be restored.

Thus, in the case of Stadler Rail. Therefore, hackers threaten at the same time that it publishes the captured data, if it is not paid. In order to give this threat more weight, then released the first records. Normally, the Hacker grant with this procedure, seven days, in order to comply with the requirements. After that first data is to be published.

the representation of that with a Malware called “Nefilim”, the attack against Stadler delivery, this would not be the first attack of this so-called Ransomware on the company. Also, the Australian logistics company Toll is affected.

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