Capture rate – Tesla “räubert” in the German internal Tesla Figures show that, in Europe, striking many drivers of German brands and lower-priced segments require on the Electric best selling Model 3. Most drove a VW Golf.Dieter Liechti0 KommentareDas Model 3 from Tesla to the German manufacturers, especially VW-Golf-driver move to the US electric car brand.Photo: Tesla launches in the Corona-crisis: The latest Generation of the VW Golf is still not really up to speed.Volkswagen1 / 2

two years ago, you would have the idea that a Tesla to pay the VW Golf in the sales press could be dismissed with a tired Smile. A Mistake. With the Model 3 Tesla has done, what has overslept, the European car industry – the democratisation of electric mobility. In Switzerland, the Model 3 of the year, made it to the end of 2019, with 5028-registered vehicles on a sensational fourth place in the Swiss sales charts – just behind the decades of best selling VW Golf with 6596 vehicles, had to in turn leave the VW Tiguan (7018) and the Skoda Octavia (9280) first.

at the end of may, the Model 3 Tesla has overtaken the Golf: With 1235 sales, the Americans are, according to the statistics of the car in Switzerland in 5th place. The VW Golf, whose eighth Generation was launched in the Corona-crisis, can keep up with 1092 vehicles in the Top 10.

The VW Golf to the Model 3

there is A direct connection between the High of the Tesla Model 3, and the downturn of the VW Golf has not been addressed up to now. However, from the internal Tesla documents available to us show that in the first line of German manufacturer will lose customers to the Model 3. And both in Europe and in Switzerland, especially VW-Golf-driver to ascend to the U.S. Stromer.

The amazed. Because of the new Golf 8 will start at a cost of 29’450 Swiss francs, so the Model 3 is a minimum of 44’990 Swiss francs at the initial price 15’000 Swiss francs. Tesla no longer assumes that the customer-from a low starting price, but the entire maintenance costs into your purchase decision. In Model 3, with a standard range of Americans about 5 years and a mileage of 75’000 miles calculate for alone in the case of the gasoline costs savings of 10’800 francs. Also the electric can cost of cars, mainly due to considerably lower maintenance (no oil changes, no worn-out exhaust systems, significantly longer braking times) points. Of course, Tesla is also assumed that the customers have included in the past two years, increasingly the environmental aspects in their purchasing decision.

the conquest places two to five with the VW Golf in Switzerland, BMW 1 series (from 31’800 Swiss francs), BMW 3 series (from 44’900 Swiss francs), the only Stromer Renault Zoe (from 24’800 francs), and the Audi A3 (from 34’to 720 Swiss francs, to follow). Also in the Europe-statistics of Golf, is No. 1, behind, 3-series, Audi A3, BMW 5 series and Audi A4 only German car with a BMW.

ascension into a higher price class,

Who was thought European Tesla-Model-3-drivers are mostly vehicles of other electric cars or hybrid on the US electric sedan, switched, wrong: most of The customers went before a car with a combustion engine. “Just three riders in the Top 20 of the exchanged vehicles with an electric vehicle on the road”, it means the Americans. And also at the purchase price, there is a Surprise: Almost half of the new customers, the so-called Top-20-Trade-in-Vehicles out there, according to the internal Tesla Numbers (survey period between February 2019 and February 2020) at the time of purchase considerably more for your Model 3 as for your previous car.

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