Online casinos are getting more and more popular but nothing beats good old land-based casinos. In Canada, things with casinos are pretty amazing. This country legalized casinos way back in 1972, so it’s no wonder that the offer is huge. No matter in which part of this huge country you are, you will find a great estate. You can play online casino in Canada, but pretty much every major city has a great offer of land-based casinos and we have listed some of the places you should visit if you are a real casino enthusiast.

Casino de Montreal

Located in Quebec, this has been Canada’s largest casino for more than 25 years. Besides impressive building, you can count on every casino game you can imagine. Moreover, the house is open 24/7 and besides gambling, you can enjoy many other things, including six different restaurants. Another thing you may like is that there is no dress code like in some other houses. Still, count on plenty of crowds at peak times, so you will need a lot of patience to get to the table.

Casino Nova Scotia

Casino Nova Scotia is one of the most popular casinos in Canada and that is for a reason. First of all, there is a fantastic location, as the facility is located near the Halifax harbor. The view is amazing, as well as the number of contents this casino provides. The offer of table games is decent, while the number of slot games is impressive. This is a Vegas-Style casino, so you can count on all kinds of different contents, including several restaurants which besides great food also offer all kinds of entertainment events.

Caesars Windsor

When it comes to the overall gambling experience, this is one of the best places in North America. Besides a huge casino facility that offers all kinds of table and slot games, Caesars Windsor is also a genuine holiday resort. There are two hotel towers, as well as all kinds of contents you can imagine. Of course, there are typical things like restaurants, pool, sauna etc. Moreover, there are six nightclubs and numerous upmarket fashion stores. A perfect holiday destination!

Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort

Niagra Fallsview is another impressive facility. This is arguably one of the best casino resorts in North America. A perfect location and a huge number of slots and tables are the first things that come to mind. Furthermore, this is a genuine holiday resort, with all kinds of contents, including a 1.500-seat theatre, which hosts the world’s biggest stars. Another thing we should mention about this casino is that it’s been recently added to the World Poker Tour calendar.

Casino de Mont-Tremblant

You may not find too much glamour here, but this casino is amazing in so many ways. When it comes to gambling, you have everything you need, including hundreds of slot machines, 22 tables and even private high-stakes rooms. Other than a great casino, this facility offers things like impressive location and environment. Also, you will definitely like a free Gondola ride to the local village. All in all, this may not be the most glamorous casino, but the overall experience is impressive.