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After authorizing payment of a bill in a bank account, can take errors fee amounts are not correct or to charge services not taken , as has occurred during the months of state of alarm due to the pandemic of the coronavirus. Return an invoice is something that allow entities, but should always justify the reason in order to avoid cuts of supplies, or the inclusion in a list of debtors.

In terms of the deadlines of the procedure, users have a period of eight weeks in order to proceed to the return of receipts domiciled and 13-months for the unauthorized, as you recall from the blog of Bankia. After the application, two situations may arise: that the customer receives the refund in a period of ten working days or that the entity will reject the return and have to resort to a claim, and in some cases, to the court.

it can Also happen that, faced with the lack of payment of the invoice, the company may proceed to include the user in a list of delinquent claiming that there has been a default unjustified or that you continue to enjoy the services of such company. In fact, there is a minimum amount for which our name appears in one of these files, even though the company in question must have been a prior notice to the debtor. In addition, the company that provides the services you may resort to cutting off supply, although you will also have to prevent before the consumer.

therefore, from Legálitas advise to pay the bill and later ask for the refund of amounts collected from more. “The non-payment might cause you inconveniences as the inclusion of their personal data in a file of debtors and if the debt is high, it may be affected by a judicial proceeding of claim of debt”, they warn in the portal of the company.

Cessation of contributions

consumer complaints have soared to by the cessation of services during the state of alarm . The Government approved the measures of protection to consumers by prohibiting the collection of dues of the gym, children’s schools or academy of languages as long as the closing and until the service is back to provide with normal. Therefore, in these cases it would be justified to return the bill if it came to pass through the bank.

with Respect to fees paid in march, the customer may opt to retrieve the classes if now is possible, or by requesting the refund . You can also negotiate a discount for the service not provided which would be less of in the next fee to pay.