This is the summer fiction of TF1. For 15 years, Camping Paradis has lived to the rhythm of heart stories and family intrigues, bringing together between 4.5 and 7.5 million viewers over the seasons. Worn by Laurent Ournac, playing the owner Tom Delormes, the series has seen many stars parade, like Valérie Bègue and Linda Hardy, guests at the campsite in a new episode this July 12.

While Camping Paradis filming takes place in winter in the South of France near the Mediterranean, Laurent Ournac finds himself forced to be away from his loved ones for a while. Married since 2014 with his wife Ludivine, the former star of My Incredible Fiancé is the father of two children, Capucine (born in 2012) and Léon (born in 2019). “We have found a new balance today where suddenly, my wife not working, the whole little family follows the rhythm of the shootings, so we spend a lot more time together and it’s much more fulfilling for the four of us” , he confided the actor in early July to Sud Radio.

During this interview with journalist Jacques Pessis, Laurent Ournac revealed the secrets between his private life and his professional life. “It requires family organization, especially because I’m a married man and a dad, so it’s true that when you spend five days a week 700 km from home, it’s not always easy to see the children grow up from a distance. . It’s not always easy in a couple to see each other only on the weekend either”, he tells our colleagues, specifying that he spends a lot in transport with his wife and children.

From his beginnings in 2006 until today in the TF1 comedy, Laurent Ournac has experienced the evolution of Camping Paradis to the rhythm of arrivals and departures. Among the historical figures of the soap opera, we find Patrick Guérineau (the manager of the bar at the Xavier Proteau campsite) and Thierry Heckendorn (the maintenance manager André Durieux), not to mention the young comedian Candiie (the new hostess Audrey Duko) and Patrick Paroux (the loyal customer of the Christian Parizot campsite).

On the occasion of a new episode tonight on television, Planet reveals the spouses of the stars who share their lives through the slideshow above.