Call in the television: a family of Norwegian millionaire woman seeks contact with kidnappers


    Norway fears for a presumably kidnapped millionaire’s wife – now turned their family to the kidnappers. In a broadcast on the TV channel, TV2, her lawyer said on Monday evening: “We want to get to a different and better way to be in touch.” So far, the family did not receive multiple messages on a digital platform, which is suitable for the communication.

    Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen is since 31. October disappeared. The police believe that she was overwhelmed in the bathroom of their house in Lørenskog near Oslo. In the house the written messages have been found. In one of the alleged hijackers the media should demand according to reports, 85 million kronor (about 9 million euros) in the crypto-currency Monero. This is a digital currency that can’t be traced.

    The police had decided to wait until ten weeks after the kidnapping, to go Public. The kidnappers had threatened to kill the 68-Year-old, if the police would be turned on. Since then, there had been no sign of life from her, said Prosecutor Svein Holden. “The family is distraught and feels powerless”. It was very difficult to live so long in such a precarious Situation.