The revised guidance will run from June 15 through Oct. 1 and will be reassessed and updated on Sept. 1 as required

California’s theme parks, including Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood, have been given the green light to return to full capacity commencing June 15, when the state intends to raise the Blueprint for a more rigorous Economy and completely reopen.

According to the Department of Health’s revised COVID-19 guidelines, theme parks, athletic events, concerts, music or food festivals, car shows, marathons and parades are believed”mega events”, or even outside events with over 10,000 people. Also falling under the”mega events” class are indoor events with more than 5,000 attendees, including conferences, conferences, expos, sporting events and concerts.

The bureau is recommending that all outdoor”mega events” confirm that their attendees are fully vaccinated or may affirm a pre-entry bad test result. But, attendees who don’t verify vaccination status will nevertheless be permitted to enter, even though they’ll be encouraged to wear sheets. Venues are needed to make masks available for many attendees.

Meanwhile, verification of completely vaccinated status or a pre-entry negative test is required for all attendees entering indoor venues. Information will be placed on all communications, including reservation and ticketing techniques, to make sure guests are aware of the testing and vaccination requirements. Attendees must adhere to all CDPH guidance on face coverings.

Pre-entry testing needs to be conducted within 72 hours in front of a visit. Both PCR and antigen tests are okay. Guests must bring either a printed record, email or text message from the test provider or laboratory. People who are vaccinated should bring their vaccination card or a photograph of the vaccine card. Firms and venue operators can also use”self attestation” in the point of registration, during ticket purchase or on the day of the event prior to entry to the venue.

Ghaly also said that California is not considering a statewide vaccine passport currently and that restrictions on traveling outside the state is going to be lifted. Any upcoming travel restrictions will be in alignment with CDC guidelines.

“This doesn’t indicate that local public health authorities, local health jurisdictions cannot or will not put in stricter guidance according to their regional states,” Ghaly added. “There’ll be some businesses that decide to, you know, need some level of confirmation of vaccination so as to truly have all of their patrons feel comfy. That isn’t something which’s likely to be pushed from the country , but that may be an operational decision, and we are trying to be prepared to encourage individuals who wish to do that thoughtfully and responsibly.”

Still, Ghaly empahiszed which California is”at a place with this pandemic where those demands of the past are no longer required for the near future.”

He noted that state health officials will soon be watching closely to determine when and if added public health protections are needed.