Who wants to rent in Germany, an apartment or a used car is looking for, knows the portals Immobilienscout24 and Autoscout24. And anyone who is interested in a share with good value for development, of the listed mother company Scout 24. Now the Munich-based Online ad exchange, which launched three years ago to the capital market again for sale.

Klaus Max Smolka

editor in the economy.

F. A. Z.

Henning Peitsmeier

economic correspondent in Munich.

F. A. Z.

According to information from the F. A. Z. Scout24 has not only the advances of Private Equity houses. The companies have also initiated self-search, a structured purchaser, with the help of the American investment Bank Morgan Stanley was involved in, according to the latest reports from financial circles.

According to one of the people familiar with the matter, it was thought this order first, rather than a “Defence mandate,” mandate for quotations prepared. It was however created more. “This is a process à la Stada”, said a well-informed Person and played with it on the sale of the Pharma group, which was an interest of Private Equity houses exposed, and then a price driving auction put on. In the case of Scout24, a transaction had failed so far to price expectations, the want to meet is not a prospect.

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After the F. gave to A. for example, the company on Friday afternoon, an opportunity to comment on this information, as published in the Scout24 on the same evening, an Ad-hoc communication, according to the affiliates, Hellman & Friedman and Blackstone have expressed an interest in a joint Takeover bid. Price: 43,50 Euro per share, representing a total value of all in the M-Dax-listed shares of € 4.7 billion. This offer, the Scout-24-Board of Directors rejected as inadequate.

Morgan Stanley had refused on Friday to request an opinion. The Scout24 commissioned investment Bank Morgan Stanley also holds a stake in Scout 24 and probably for other investors, so that any conflict of interest with the Advisory mandate is unlikely. A Scout-24 spokesman declined on Sunday to comment on the events.

Prior to the communication, the Scout24-share was listed at a little more than 40 euros, a market capitalization of more than 4.3 billion euros. On Monday, the price rose at the opening to 42,20 Euro and slightly below is up to date with 41,90 Euro. The company is rated with a 4.5 billion Euro.