Businesses in the Alpine country: the Austrian industrial beads as takeover targets


    In Austria, important industrial signs posters desires in the centre of Takeover. Including the aluminium manufacturer Amag, the fibre specialist Lenzing as well as the rubber supplier Semperit. For months, the Austrian Investor Michael Tojner aims, together with financial partners, the control of the B&C private Foundation, the investments in these companies are parked. The B&C group is fighting against. Foundation Board of Directors Wolfgang Hofer that there are Attempts by Tojner, together with the Italian Bank Unicredit. B&C speaks of a hostile Takeover. Of the other protagonists, there is no opinion.

    Michaela Seiser

    Economics correspondent for Austria and Hungary, with headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

    F. A. Z.

    The ring road Palais Ephrussi-based B&C Foundation was established in 2000 by Bank Austria’s long-term strategic point of view. The aim is to ensure the competence and core of internationally competitive companies in Austria. Tojner has invested in the past decades, as a rapidly ascended venture capital investors in numerous companies. Also, the battery specialist Varta, which is listed since the autumn of 2017 in Frankfurt.

    in the opinion of B&C is trying to dispose of the Unicredit in 2008, the Foundation terminated the rights of “a second Time”. Unicredit have want to since 2008, but has no rights and thus no influence over B&C is Interesting to a replacement in B&C Holding GmbH, the Foundation for the rings to equip. Peter Edelmann has been appointed with the beginning of the year to the Chairman of the B&C Holding Österreich GmbH, the ultimate holding company of the group. In this newly created role, the Manager of the strategic orientation of the B&C, the principles of investment management of the core equity investments as well as portfolio expansion in industry and technology will be responsible for the area.

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    The graduate Diploma in business administration, most recently as head of the Bremen-based industrial company, Kaefer isoliertechnik, a global leader in the field of industrial insulation. Tojner get via B&C-Foundation, co-determination rights for their holdings, it would be a large manoeuvre for Austrian conditions and is a special case. The investments redeemed in 2017, around 4.2 billion euros and an operating return on sales of more than ten per cent generated. Lenzing controls the world market of wood-based cellulose fibers: viscose, Modal and Lyocell fibers (marketed under the Tencel). Rate bobs up and down since the autumn along with a mark of 80 euros, after it was previously higher than 100 Euro. The all-time high of 177 Euro is likely to not be quickly achieved.

    One of the oldest tracks on the parquet in Vienna

    That Institutional interest for the niche player from upper Austria, is situated on its prospects. Although wood-based cellulose fibers with less than one-tenth have a small share of the total fiber market. But this is growing rapidly, as the production increases. Lenzing is the result of population growth and rising Prosperity-driven world fiber consumption, and the Trend to natural fibers. The production of cotton can no longer be expanded on a large scale because of competition, the cultivation of land for food and biofuels, and the very narrow climatic conditions in which cotton grows. Of the expected shortage of cotton cellulose fibers are likely to benefit.

    in addition, Lenzing is in the rubber and rubber processors Semperit part of the investment Empire of the Foundation. Semperit is one of the oldest tracks on the parquet in Vienna. Since the beginning of the year, there is increasing interest in the stock. Whether this is a turning point after more years of stagnation, is initiated, can not say. During the zero years the company has grown vigorously. Currently, Semperit is in loss, conversion phase, the former officer of the Bundeswehr Martin füllenbach drives. The provider produces more than a dozen locations, especially examination and surgical gloves, hydraulic and industrial hoses, conveyor belts, escalator handrails, construction profiles and cableway rings.