The fashion group Hugo Boss has fomented with a strong business in the fourth quarter, the expectation of a better growth dynamic. “We are convinced, 2019, and to grow sustainably and profitably,” said Mark Langer, the Chairman of the managing Board of Hugo Boss AG in the view and pointed out that the objectives set for the year 2018 have been achieved: A small growth in sales and sustain a stable result.

Susanne Preuß

business correspondent in Stuttgart, Germany.

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According to preliminary Figures, sales rose by 2 percent (currency-adjusted: 4%) 2,796 billion euros. The operating result before special effects would be “similar to last year’s level”, i.e. approximately EUR 491 million. That it is not a failure despite the sales growth, better, location in addition to negative currency effects, the fact that high investments in the digital Transformation of the business model were to make, Boss.

investors draw Confidence

This is to be achieved, inter alia, that the time is shortened for the development of a collection considerably, in average, from 14 to in the future six months. For the particularly trendy Hugo brand the company from the Swabian town of Metzingen, Germany, has developed small collections within a few weeks. With the higher Tempo Boss wants to be able to react faster to new Trends, and a higher overall sell-through rate achieved, which also reduces the need for discounts.

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investors responded very positively to the provisional figures, the fashion group, not least because several well-known German fashion labels held in the past few months, more bad news and the Boss to settle it positively. After the course of the in the M-Dax-listed Hugo Boss share price from the end of July was waning by mid-December, from 80 to 53 Euro, soared to the Kursam Tuesday morgenvon under 59 to 62 euros – at times-an increase of more than 5 percent.

The investors are now able to exploit the apparently more Confidence that the since 2016, the acting Boss-in-chief Mark Long, whose contract was extended until the end of 2021, the Soft right. When he presented his medium-term planning in November at an investors ‘ conference that had been rather taken still skeptical. This Long announced that the Boss will grow faster than the market and up to the year 2022, an annual growth of 5 percent to 7 percent (exchange rate) adjusted. At the same time, the return on sales (before interest and taxes) is expected to rise from around 12.5 to 15 percent.

the Expansion of Online presence

“The new year will be dedicated to the implementation of the business plan up to 2022,” says Mark Long now: “We will accelerate our offerings more personalized and important business processes. This will strengthen the desirability of our brands and an important milestone in the achievement of our medium-term goals.“