Vilvoorde (belgium) / Humbeek –

for example, If the bus you’re on time, let you down, you have to be resourceful to be. Daddy Van Hauwermeiren was sick and tired of it when her van for the tenth time, didn’t have to show up for, so saddled her horse, Rambo, to go to the school in Vilvoorde (belgium) to the west. “A bold statement”, you hear the sound of it.

now, On the world animal day event attended sleeping beauty (16) with the advice of the people at the center of her father, and she went out on horseback to and from school. “I’m going to do this, not to continue to do that,” said the diligent student. “It is, rather, a statement on The Line.”

She takes the bus from Humbeek to the school in Vilvoorde (belgium), but this school year, the bus was already ten-times don’t show up. So, after the young Amazon at the helm of Rambo and went on in a drafje to and from school.

After half an hour she was on her horse ‘stables’ at her school, Horteco, but he’s Been took from Rambo is back in the game to Humbeek. All of the animals, according to She is a good student. “He has a lot of lessons in them are followed,” she writes on Facebook.

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