Bundesliga – Bayern Munich triple unravelled tonight the people of Munich can actually celebrate the eighth title in a row. Instead, they lead to the public an internal discussion. It comes to money, Transfers and about who is allowed to say what. Benedict Warmbrunn0 comment Thomas Müller poked with his Interview on Wednesday that the discussions on the Transfers of Bayern.Kai Pfaffenbach/Pool via

Before Thomas Müller wants now, as the, “easy-peasy in the future,” back view: short a view. It’s a bit of what is happening at Bayern Munich, could prepare for the upcoming winning the championship. On Tuesday night against Bremen a victory for the title is sufficient. But this is not the Bayern just barely, perhaps surprisingly, it is the eighth in the series.

instead, the things that should be discussed, all Stakeholders stress the better internally, what to emphasise, however, all only after you have expressed publicly. Bayern is trying so very hard to have a debate, that he was an exciting debate. It comes to Transfers, it’s about money, and it goes a little bit about who is allowed to say something in this club.

To him it goes: Leverkusen, Kai Havertz is regarded as a hot candidate on the shopping list of Munich.

The beginning and maybe the end in this in front of a wide Public led to internal discussion, Thomas Müller has supplied. On Wednesday, after the arrival in the Cup final, was a Miller on a possible Transfer of the Leverkuseners Kai Havertz to München addressed. Müller praised Havertz as one of the greatest talents of Europe, but he afterwards pushed a sentence, since then, the club will be discussed.

On Wednesday so Muller said, it’s a little “paradox, if you always talk about new additions and at the same time, salaries will be saved”. And the discussion went. Sports Director Hasan Salihamidzic said on Saturday into the Sky-microphone: “Thomas has unravelled with his statement a bit off. We sat down and I told him that that was not correct.” Müller’ve understood “that”: “He is a very intelligent Boy and very smart player.”

the Captain and chief diplomat Manuel Neuer said that there are “two perspectives”. Coach Hansi Flick said: “This is the statement of Thomas. I will ban any player to say something.” Müller, it would be almost gone for the money; like his teammates, he omitted in the Corona-crisis on 20 percent of his salary, “for our employees,” he says on Sunday in a video message clear.

To understand what the trailer was more as a reminder that when you spend money on not only future players should be considered, but also to those who have led the club to where he is straight, just before the eighth championship in the series so. The players, the dispense-to-date on content, form too small a squad for the long-term Munich-based objectives, which can be seen in these weeks, however, it Salihamidzic is working to strengthen the squad.

And he has to spend money, for example, as the project the Bavaria, a medium eight-figure amount for Leroy Sané. Or even a high eight-digit to nine-digit amount for Havertz, wherein the Bayern themselves don’t know yet if you like the project. Salihamidzic insists, however, that “we Express ourselves only to Transfers when they are made. This applies to us Managers, but especially for the players”.

That Müller could have triple unravelled, he sees, of course, not so. But he has interpreted his verbal path, in his Sunday message, tagged with the Hashtag #AllesIstGut. He assured that it will give the Bayern no dispute as to the waiver of Salary in respect of Transfers in the summer.

Bavaria’s head of sports, Hasan Salihamidzic says, it is external only to Transfers when they are made.Federico Gambarini/Pool via

His statement in the Interview was rather related to it, that it got him “annoyed” to be asked about such a topic after a Cuphalbfinal. (Müller, however, interview a professional enough to detect in an easy-breezy look back at the Interview, it sounds different.)

Before Müller calls in the sense of his sports Director to tell Transfers to and nothing more, he says quickly that he wanted “the best squad” – because anyone who believes that Müller could fear the havertz cal competition, has understood the verbal path is wrong. Müller says: “I have big goals, I want to win the Champions League, I want us to really attack, and this run that we currently have, continue.”

It disturb but that shall be done, “as if this Top-of-the Transfers we need, absolutely, could be overcome with a snap of the fingers to. As if 100 million or 50 million are not sums of money.” And maybe that was the end of a debate, as you can only lead the FC Bayern.

The current players will soon get back your entire salary, as well as the then newly-contracted players, in between you will win a few titles and maybe a couple of public discussions, which will not change the thing itself, nothing.His message to Mueller ended with the words: “Stay clean and, above all, relaxed.” And maybe he didn’t mean only the Sunday German football media.

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