Injury stimulates flowering Bumble bees plants bite to stimulatio nThe females nibble and pinch, so that the tomato plants are blooming earlier. Researchers suspect that you have developed the method because of climate change.oli/sda0 Comment to encourage you to Bloom: Bumble-bees joining them-pollinated plants by Nibbling and Pinching small injuries.Photo: Felipe Trueba/Keystone

bumblebees do not sting, although, nibble and pinch will do you very well. ETH-Zurich Researchers have discovered a special behavior, with the bumblebees to improve the timing between you and the pollinated plants.

In a study published in the journal “Science”, to show the researchers that Hummel’s work to pinch the inside of your mouth tools, in the leaves of those plants which bear no flowers. The resulting damage stimulates the plant obviously, the flower production.

imitation experiment in the laboratory

the tomato plants that were exposed to the Hummel, browsing, bloom according to the study, up to 30 days earlier than usual. In the case of mustard plants the time of Flowering was shifted to two weeks after the front.

tried to The researchers, the injury to the leaves to imitate. And actually bloomed plants of both tomato as well as Mustard earlier. However, the effect was not nearly as strong as if a bumblebee had chickened out.

The researchers suggest, therefore, that within the Plant, a chemical Signal might be involved in – or that the sheet can not be imitated damages by the people accurate enough.

Pinch against climate change

According to the ETH-communication have developed bumblebees may be an effective method to alleviate local pollen deficiency. In nature, there are also other pollinators, which could benefit from the efforts of the Bumble bees, such as honey bees. This pinching yourself no leaves.

suspect The researchers that the leaves on the Pinch of climate change. Seasonal anomalies would lead to uncertainty and could disrupt the timing between plants and their pollinators.

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