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The bullfights will return at the end of this month of August, with the occasion of the festivities of San Bartolomé, in the madrid suburb of Alcalá de Henares, after five years of absence for various reasons.

The governing Board of the Consistory alcalaíno, with most of the PSOE, passed last Friday, not without criticism from the left opposition, the proposal of the entrepreneurs, Manuel Martinez, Erice and Jorge Arellano for the celebration of several festivals this year.

Specifically, Erice and Arellano have proposed a compost broken down in a bullfight, one of rejones and a contest of “recortadores” that will be held from 28 to 30 August.

In the running of the bulls act Enrique Ponce, Sebastian Castella and Miguel Angel Perera, with a running of the bulls of the currency of Garcigrande, while in the rejones, in which they wrestle bulls from Fermín Bohórquez, alternate riders Andy Cartagena, Sergio Galán and Guillermo Hermoso de Mendoza.

As reported by the new entrepreneurs, the organization of the three parties will be in accordance with the sanitary measures against the coronavirus imposed by the Community of Madrid, both in terms of capacity as in terms of the use mask and other uses hygienic, because “the important thing is to celebrate spectacle, bullfighting not to leave blank this atypical year”.

In the last five seasons, the dealers of the coso, that delegated the management of the runs in other companies, considered that the Consistory -formed by councillors of the PSOE and United we Can – not facilitated the celebration of celebrations, although in 2016 it was the rain that forced it to suspend it was referred to as “cumshot cervantina”.

The plaza de toros, Alcalá de Henares, spain, with capacity for 8,500 spectators and owned by the city, was inaugurated on 1 September 1999 -with Ponce, Liters and Miguel Abellán on the poster – after being raised by the company Taurine Alcalaína to change to stay with his award for thirty years and with the obligation to organize the bullfights of the fair.

The last bullfight held in Alcalá took place August 30, 2015, and served out to take the alternative to the right-handed Lius Gerpe, from the hands of Curro Diaz, and in the presence of Miguel Abellán.

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