The international match between Bulgaria and Belgium (0-6) teems with it still following. The fans of the home team is misbehaving too, with racist and sounds nazigroeten, giving the game two more times and was shut down. “Dehumanizing” said the goalkeeper, Stanley Menzo.

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It was a pretty wraakroepend in order to see how the Bulgarian coach Krasimir Balakov, and the goalkeeper Plamen Iliev was after the game, in all sorts of turns, wringing to the fact that there was an issue of racism. “The public has a well-behaved, and I didn’t hear anything,” said Illiev.

a lot of the others who were present in the stadium heard it, however, you can take spreekkoren and apengeluiden and dark-colored players from the uk that the ball had been. “This has been one of the most horrible voetbalavonden I’ve been through it,” said the chairman, Greg Clarke, the English bond APPROX. Tuesday, got Borislav Mihailov, the president of the football union (BFU), then, as well.

Menzo: Eric Van Meir, the champions in 1997.

“all-time Low in my life.”

Two days after the fact, it was Stanley Menzo, well-known in our country, for his successful time at Lierse, and is currently a coach of the China Beijing Sinobo Guoan, there is a need to respond to it. The Dutchman was the better of the Pallieters, but also in Ajax and the banana to be added to it, and so he is talking about.

“People who have never experienced it have no idea how humiliating it is to know that it is the bone and marrow,” says the 56-year-old, Menzo of The new means of communication. “If some of the sounds from the bleachers, and the whole world, on tv and even watching it, you have no other option than the indignity of having to undergo. And I can ensure you: that’s really, really, incredibly embarrassing.”

“You hear about people who didn’t know what they are talking about might say that in the dark, players are more able to come out,” said the former goalkeeper. “It is truly an amazing losing, because no one who is in the secret place of his soul will be harmed in any way, there will be a stronger from it. You can, at most, to defend yourself against that, because you need to. The racism that I have, I don’t have to go, it is not only an all-time low in my career and in my life.”
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