According to the congressional elections, there were definitely people who were hoping President Trump and “his” Republicans in the Senate would be able to work together with the new democratic majority in the house of representatives here and there. According to the Motto: “Divided Government” does not necessarily lead to government paralysis. The first experiences with this new situation are sobering, and votes little full of promise. In the budget dispute, the President has cancelled a Meeting with leading Democrats, because he got his will. Apart from Style faux pas, then the Constitution is no longer adhered to a political bid for the powers and cross – party cooperation. This is most serious. Trump is not loose and is holding on to the construction of a wall (or steel barrier) on the border with Mexico, the Democrats reject that and do not want to grant the necessary money. And so the partial government continues to stand still. In the Form of the political System of the United States and his senior staff rays are certainly not, in the world.