Brussels Airlines is to cancel two return flights, that the company is run by Thomas Cook. In accordance with the air carrier Thomas Cook Belgium, “past due payments” are not being met.

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“As a result of the difficult financial situation of Thomas Cook, and the fact that the operator to be in arrears on the last couple of weeks and not be able to meet, Brussels Airlines is forced to flee the carrier on behalf of the Belgian tour operator, running start, press” cancel”, it sounds, in a statement.

the news comes after the board of directors of Thomas Cook, had stated that there were “one or two percent chance that a solution is found for the Belgian branch of Thomas Cook.

What are the flights that have been cancelled?

for the time being, there are two of the cancelled return flights. It’s going to be a round-trip flight Brussels – Enfidha (SN3881 / SN3882), and a round-trip flight Brussels-Djerba (SN3885 / SN3886).

On a return Tuesday would be around 350 passengers in back, and about 190 to go. For the people who would come back is not a solution. “They need to look at Thomas Cook Belgium, contact us”, says Brussels Airlines.

There may be some more flights to be cancelled. Brussels Airlines is “looking at its plan for the next few weeks and months, and it will be as soon as possible about any changes in the flights to ibiza”. The airline company enters Tuesday with a 40 mixed flights” is not checked. That will include flights, in some travellers (Thomas Cook) and partly on their own, passengers on Brussels Airlines. All of which mixed flights on Tuesday will be carried out.

SEE ALSO. of the Flemish in de penarie due to the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook said: “They have a sick child, like a thief in the night, evil out of the hotel.”

in the Netherlands, was forced to lay off a Thomas Cook flight. The agency reports that on Tuesday, no flights will be leaving. The flights are Wednesday, is still unclear.

Thomas Cook said the Netherlands has the Dutch Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden (SGR) report of the financial failure. However, there is, according to a spokesperson for the police has not reached a state of insolvency.

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