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Speak now, footballer right after the meter head in a Competition that aims to sneak into the next Champions after a arreón final aúpa (today it receives to the Royal Society at 19.30 hours), maybe because I never ever recognized any other way. Nothing is known of Bruno Soriano (Artana, 1984) during the past three years, which led him to fight in the shade against a knee injury that was complicated to limits that are absurd. Already recovered from the full to the delight not only of Javi Calleja, but the football fan, go with ABC the details of his torment.

—How are you?

—All good. Going with the group to train and do more things.

—what Are annoyances?


—When injured was one of the best mediocentros of the League, as is common with the Spanish selection. Seen with perspective, what is more painful by the circumstances?

—I grieved that it was stretching so much. They told Me that they were going to be three or four months. Time goes by and after the operation had discomfort in the scaphoid, at the knee, in the patellar tendon, which were things that had always been well. And the thing is going lengthening. It hurts Me, but not only for the selection, which for me had never been more than an award, but for my team, that has always been what I appreciated most.

—How do you manage the anguish of seeing what perhaps your best time is going in front of your eyes?

—it Is difficult. In the end, the worst thing about being injured was to have no return date. If you break the cross are seven or eight months and you’re fine. Did what my doctors I was told to, different treatments for the knee-jerk, the scaphoid… The pain of the scaphoid what I had a year and a half, I couldn’t almost support the foot, it hurt a lot when hit.

—Nor should help see how the work, far from bearing fruit, he reported pain new.

—I had several annoyances. You try to go solving little by little all. The walk was very desperate because he would not leave. Infiltramos, we use a hyperbaric chamber that I had to go to the hospital every day… of everything. Villarreal has been very good. Also all the people that has treated me in Barcelona, La Coruna, Vitoria… There are many things that will be there, in the shade.

—What were your worst moments?

—The worst part were two things. First, go to the stadium and not being able to play, and then stay at home in the travel. And the second, which I think is when the worse I felt, were the days in which finally returned to training with the group and I damaged it again. It’s like re-start the treatment from scratch, think about in the months to come on top, in search for new things that might accelerate the process… Those moments are terrible.

—how Many times did this happen?

—Well, like they were eight.

—has Always given the image of a mature man, both for his personality off the field as for what was inside. Have you ever thought how it would have been all this you have been caught with his early?

—No one is prepared for such a thing. Especially when you’re playing it all on your computer, ninety minutes without a break, and don’t know another routine that travel and play. Mine happened to be staying at home, in the gym when my friends were training, in the stands with my family when they played. These are situations that cost a lot. I was angry, I just wanted to go home and think about getting back to training soon. I had great difficulty sleeping. When you are a day without sleep, nothing happens, but when you’re a week, that you have to go down to watch the tv to see if improvements… I talked with my doctor, that I looked bad. You try to be good, but it is very hard.

—Requested psychological help.

—He offered me to work with a guy from here, in Castellón.

—who is being grabbed?

—I like working in the shade, my air. Even when I was well, football was the first thing. I didn’t go out of home to recover better. I have not had much social life these three years. Mainly, I’ve been recovering at home. My family and my friends and I wondered, already knew that was not going well. I understand perfectly the people, it seems that if you don’t ask them not interested. When they did talked a little, but with my family especially preferred to talk of other topics, not football. The injury was twenty-four hours in my head.

Fernando Roig, president of Villarreal, and Bruno Soriano – VILLARREAL FC

—Cazorla and Asenjo.

—Santi and Sergio are special cases therefore that have already past (the spaniard spent two years without playing and it happened eight times in the operating room; the porter has exceeded four tears of the anterior cruciate ligament). But it is the same, sometimes they pass by your side and no you can’t ask. Know that you’d prefer to leave you work.

—How has been your day in these three years?

—there Have been many changes in function of the lesions. I have had times of going to La Coruña, with Ivan Bennasar, that helped me a lot. Other in which I have been in Barcelona, or in Vitoria. But the typical thing was to get up, go to the sports city and do everything that you say to the different discomfort improve. So, you’re passing the days.

—what was it that convinced him that it was worth it to continue when it seemed all lost?

—at The beginning I did not think of giving up, but when you’re a long time fighting it becomes very hard and you think that maybe you are unable to play, you tap away and that’s it, no more, nothing happens. I was lucky that it was greater, with twenty years would have been much worse. I did pull forward the people that I’ve had about my doctor, the physios, my readaptador… In that sense, they always told me I had to fight. I have done case and in the end is not a victory of mine, the day I returned was a victory of many people.

—what has changed?

—I Appreciate more the small details, every thing you do and every opportunity you have. Before, when I lost a match is the end of the world. Now, with all that has been, you realize that it’s best to miss one is not so serious. Just the fact of traveling with my companions, to be with them, joke, play and compete, are things that make me very happy.

—What have you done during all this time when it was not the case?

—My life in these past three years has been to recover. It is true that equal out more to eat, but equally were quite a few times. And even when he did the head I went right away to the recovery, to go fast to have a rest and be fine the next day.

—Never been a player heavy, but he looks especially thin. What has been something that we have been advised by the doctors?

—I’ve Never been of gaining weight, even when I am standing. I eat well, I’m awaiting the details to compete at the highest level. But I have also not changed many things. Maybe I have not done as much work in the gym. Was pending on the knee and that everything was right and now I’m like: no I play many weights and as well, just to be on top.

—Be back is a triumph. What sucks now?

—One always wants to return to his best version, I train for it and I want to go back to be a holder, but now the team is very good and I am glad. Before it was very forward, and in that I have improved. To assess where I come from, it is a long time, I need to pace, then add on when I go out. I want to finish well and see what happens. The only thing that moves me is Villarreal, could not do anything that you do not have to do with the yellow.