Bruno Carette: what did the famous member of Dummies die of?


He was an iconic member of Dummies. In the 1980s, Bruno Carette met Chantal Lauby where they hosted musical programs for FR3 Marseille. While their style clashed on the PAF, they were caught the eye of the Canal channel where they will meet their future acolytes Alain Chabat and Dominique Farrugia.

Together, the actors took their first steps in 1986 with their comedy piece Objectif Nul. A revelation of the PAF, the quartet of comedians landed the following year in Nulle Part Ailleurs where they made millions of viewers laugh with their cult sketches and parodies of advertising. On the rise, they were to be hit by a terrible loss at the end of the decade.

During a stay in Egypt in the summer of 1989, actor Bruno Carette fell ill by contracting a virus. Upon his return to France, the comedian leaves to rest with his mother in Cagnes-sur-Mer. However, his state of health deteriorated and he was hospitalized at Pitié-Salpêtrière in Paris. As Closer indicates, the acolyte of Dummies, who has become paralyzed and blind, is plunged into a coma. On December 8, 1989, the comedian died suddenly at the age of 33.

On the day of his death, Pierre Lescure announced this terrible news on the air. According to his statements, Bruno Carette would have contracted a very “dirty virus difficult to identify” which would have evolved “on a particularly harsh and aggressive form of encephalitis”. If his death was sudden and mysterious at the time, some rumors would have advanced that the comedian had been affected by AIDS, still taboo and little mentioned in the 1980s.

Guest of C to you in October 2021, his friend Dominique Farrugia returned to the death of his friend Bruno Carette. “The day of his death, you are the one who takes the antenna and who announces it and there, the president of the chain had decided to take us to the south of France to attend Bruno’s funeral”, he confided to columnist Pierre Lescure on France 5.

The opportunity for the famous actor, affected by multiple sclerosis, to discuss his fight against the disease. “We often speak of immense stress which would trigger this disease, like many autoimmune diseases”, according to comments quoted by Télé Loisirs. “I think Bruno’s death was so suffered, so terrible for all of us that… I didn’t know you could die at 33. I was unable to understand,” he said. added with emotion.