Kortrijk / Wevelgem –

One of the supporters of Club Brugge in Madrid, the beggars, and humiliated, the City police-inspector, G. G. (29), who is also a youth coach at SV Wevelgem City.

to push these scenes took place at the Plaza Mayor in Madrid, spain, where a lot of supporters for the match Club Brugge v Real Madrid samentroepten. They will show you how to be an in Bruges fan, the scarf of a bedelaarster from off them, and how some of the fans of the beer in the cups of the beggars are pouring in and what a person does, as if it were a note of 50 euro in the stands, but it then simply pulls out.

In the same movie, is also by G. G. from Kortrijk, to be an inspector of the police zone Vlas. He takes out a can of beer from a woman who was in the cans, the square and try to sell it. He refuses to pay for it, take a sip, and then put it back to the woman on the floor. A little later, he declares proudly that he was “in the past twelve-and-half-litres of beer are drunk”.

His colleagues in the police zone Vlas, I had them, ” G. G. is busy cutting. The Club’s campaign has been all of eight years of experience in the area. “He has a very good reputation, and there is no other way, only for him to say,” says company spokesperson Thomas Detavernier.

the police were, however, immediately, an investigation has been started. “We will have to look at the extent to which a man is as a ship has to perform,” said Detavernier. “In addition, we will have an internal examination to enter.”