Brotz to racism-“Arena” – “We have got some things wrong”After the uproar of the past week: “Arena”Host Sandro Brotz takes position to the criticism and explains how the Format for the broadcast on Friday evening will be transformed. Pascal Blum, Martin Fischer3 Kommentare3Führt the discussion, for once, at a round table: “the Arena”Host Sandro Brotz.Photo: SRFDas is different

Sandro Brotz and the “Arena”Team, take again a new start-up: On Friday evening a second programme is produced, which brings the topic of racism in Switzerland and the everyday experiences of People of Color in the focus. For Brotz has invited “only Black people”, as he announced on Wednesday via Twitter. He wanted to be in the show “your criticism”.

The interview setting will be re-directed to: in accordance with Preliminary Info from the SRF will be discussed at a round table and not to the usual stand-up desks.

The Sandro Brotz

Why the round table says?

The round table is not a new invention, but came in the “Arena” last updated in September of 2017, after the failure of the templates to the AHV 2020 and the corporate tax reform III and, in November 2018, with a discussion of the Council of Europe to use. I have already gone on the weekend by the head, and since it was clear to me: When, then now is the time to take in a different Setting, a new start-up on the topic of racism. The editor-in-chief has supported me.

How S ie are procedures for the selection of the guests for the program?

We have already talked before the first “Arena” about racism, not only with potential guests, but – as every other shipment – with many organisations and Advisory bodies. We have done this week as well. The decision as to the selection of the guests is at the editors, but we have received the many notes on potential participants like.

Now are in the second shipment on the topic of racism only Black a ge download. Why would you not have done it in the first shipment?

In the hindsight one is always wiser. We have got some things wrong, but sometimes you have to fail in order to make it better.

Must be the cast of the Talk round the “Arena” mandatory Pro and cons of split ?

In principle, Yes. But I acknowledge that we came in this topic to a limit. Not, on the balance, but how we can their own claims enough to meet. We pack it again in the main round with only black people and in a different Setting.

the SRF Is not against the claims of black activists in the knee, if it is the composition of the Arena dictate?

We have let the composition dictate. My desire from the start was to have two participants from the first round – because they have witnessed the controversial show. All the other guests, we ask – as always – self and selected. I am pleased that you have accepted our invitations.

many People of Color have cancelled, Apparently prior to the first shipment of participation. Didn’t trigger you Alarm?

It is true that we had to Cancel. Because I could not deal with the condition and wanted that the SVP is not intended to be part of it. In the basic understanding of the “Arena was, is, and remains,” a programme in which controversial opinions with democratically legitimized political forces will be debated. We have added after the brutal death of George Floyd and the Black-Lives-Matter-rallies – also in Switzerland – the Central theme of the week. We wanted to set a sign, to take racism in this country seriously. We certainly did not intend that victims of racism must prove. However, I understand the Dilemma behind this: It is not a question of whether there is racism in this country – it is –, but about how it can be fought and must. This is the approach I am going to put in the second “Arena” even more into focus.

Were to Cancel an indication that the conversation culture of the “Arena” is, in itself, problematic?

no, I don’t think so. But we have the criticism in relation to the emotionally very heated topic of racism – understood and the Lessons drawn. Therefore a round table.

As you look back on the shipment of last week?

the title of The program was a failure. I take full responsibility. And even if we have invited five black people in the Studio, or by switching in the broadcast, the effect to the outside a different, and focuses on the main round. I can understand the criticism and accept it. What’s bothering me, but also sustainable, is the very hateful tone of many responses. As a Moderator of a controversial political broadcast, I have to deal with it, and it can also – but my Team didn’t deserve it.

“A personal realization for me, even better to listen and understand even better.”

Need it in the case of this topic, a Moderator, and a white?

The journalistic guidelines of SRF require all employees to an independent and proper reporting. These guidelines do not distinguish between gender or skin color, is not between black or white. The journalistic basic rules are the same for all. It would not be consistent, if I wouldn’t come now at the last Moment of criticism in the shipment.

you Can learn from the first shipment that the SRF has generally been an effort to discuss racism and structures of disadvantage, because it covers topics on the to white and to institutional type?

We proceed in each topic, according to journalistic principles. I don’t think that we have generally bother us with racism to deal. Because it is available in Switzerland – this is a fact. But a personal realization for me, even better to listen and to better understand how black people feel that the debate on racism and what solutions you see.

With what feelings you go in to record on Friday?

I feel the pressure, no question. But I have decided to want to the important topic of racism, once again, to tackle and to make it better. If we come at the end of the Studio to the realization that it was a constructive discussion, I’m reasonably satisfied. At the same time is aware that we are not able to make it all right. But that’s not my drive as a Journalist. I want to better understand.


The “Arena” of the past week led to the scandal: was Criticized, in particular, the composition of talk-round – three white interview guests, and only a representative of the black Community took in the front of the debating series, alongside presenter Brotz to the floor panels space. The title of the programme was: “Now we’re talking Black”. In the run-up to distance People of Color via Social Media of the implementation themselves. In the case of the office of the SRG, over 130 complaints were received in the follow – up and Brotz promised a second shipment.

The Interview was conducted in writing. The “Arena” of this week under the title “Now we are sitting at a round table,” and Friday, 19. June 2020, to 22.25 PM on SRF 1 broadcast.

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