The town – < / P> 24 years in prison. That was spoedarts Being Permentier (50) is out of Town at the beginning of this year for the murder of his wife, She she begins to in the year 2009. The judges considered it proven that he had his wife with an overdose of insulin, ombracht. He, himself, was of his innocence, but was not believed, and was an appeal against the ruling. To this effect, he will once again be the support from a surprising corner: his wife’s family, the family of the victim, so to say. On the eve of the new process is concerned, his brother-in-law Michael, an unmistakable open the web page: “William is an excellent man and a good father. He loved and still loves She.”


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on Thursday the case back to the Court of Appeal. Michael Zimmerman, the brother of the victim, and, therefore, also a brother-in-law of the accused is also a firmly convinced of the innocence of Permentier, and he wrote a remarkable open letter. “We want to be the discharge for the Site”, according to the letter, which he brought to our newsroom.

The family of Kristel Zimmermann had been since the first day of the part of the defendant Being Permentier. They are convinced the man is innocent and the prosecutor will get a wipe out of the pan, in a letter from Michael.

“I can see my disgust, and disgust no longer hiding. Examining self-catering apartment offers spectacular failure across the board, except that, in his reckless desire to be my brother-in-law, sentenced to obtain. (…). I just hope that this horrible injustice is going to be solved, and a ten-year-long nightmare for our whole family to finally get it to stop (…). Hopefully it will see the court now, in which the entire file a single string of failures, it is. Today, we have one of the pages of the nightmare finally over, with the discharge from the Site.”

The family is, according to Michael Zimmerman really suffered from the heavy-duty action. “In the ten years of humiliation and provocative practice. (…) We will never be in the court of law will be able to voice our disgust of the practices in the survey. As my mother answered, and while there is a picture of her deceased daughter on the desk, stood up. Three times he took the picture, once again, in full public view, after my mother had turned around. Or, one day, my eleven year old nephew who, without permission by phone at the school, was being questioned.”

Michael is describing in his letter is the time after the equipment has been switched off and She died in the hospital. Both he and the defendant were together in the room. “You could take a life away. I can assure you that there were no God, no hope, and no assassin there. In addition to two amounts of pain and misery.”

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