Broadcast on SRF – fees for the Gaming? Like!The SRF places a game show in the middle of the night program due to Corona. This is much better than Champions League. Linus Schöpfer0 comment once back scratch please: comedian Yanar comes window domestic in the way. Links man Berger SRF.SRF Digital/Youtube

There she is still, the a lot of claimed, slowing down the Shutdown: Kaya Yanar is playing “Marvel’s Spider-Man”. When he is first fired, explains to him the SRF-digital expert Guido Berger: “The people who have attacked you for some reason.”

the two los nerden, that it is a joy. Time it comes to Comics – Berger writes: “There is a view, in front of ‘Watchmen’ and after ‘Watchmen'” –, times the synchronization of the game “Resident Evil 7”.

Once Yanar passes on masks of Japanese Noh theatre, so the two over the Japanese No-theatre talk. Incidentally, Berger is tapping via the phone is the world to know how you are doing it at a leisurely, but not stupid games, and evening just like that.

Climbing and not joking

the pressure of time, there is in this shipment, the final destination is also non – free stream of consciousness. Kaya Yanar clean up something in New York, done a couple of Jobs, and the bad guys.

And because Humor is the overcoming of the Resistances of life by other means, quips up comedian Yanar of a climbing game to the next. Of course, he’s doing practical jokes, dressing in ridiculous costumes and harassed on a bona fide slice of shiners in their work.

What Fun! As a smart Joker with nimble fingers is Yanar Genre is predestined for the Let’s Play. In fact, he played himself on the Portal Twitch already a following.

Back in the niche

Bergers game show had been hoisted up because of Corona into the TV evening program, in order to compensate for the failure of the sports programs. The consignment of Yanar was the fourth and last on the Top. Now go back into the niche.

a Pity. Now is the Moment, for example, the super-expensive, but long-protected and has become boring Champions League overnight to get rid of.

Because of the globalized pot ussball is striving for anyway its virtualization: the VAR has disempowered the Ref. The TV picture is digitally added to, for example, with the circle mark on the ball leading player, as we know it since the 90s from the Games. And Cristiano Ronaldo is now a Hyper-realistic PlayStation figure.

Instead of semi-real-foot-ball makes could gamble E-athletes, the games are the same virtually. Result: the fees to be saved to become the digital avant-garde among the TV channels. Agree?

Here is the link to the Youtube channel with the “Let’s Play”shipments of SRF.

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