As always, the thing with the Brexit still go out, whether to a large or all of the largest Chaos, the our one the British never would have, were they not in politics (Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron, May), but in the second most important thing in the world, football (Gary Lineker, Bobby Charlton, Alan Shearer), but as a voice of reason; as is always the case, so run out and how expensive a place on the ferry and how long the Crossing in the future will take, a winner of the Brexit already knows now: the American digital group Facebook.

There namely the advertising battle of the English channel is hit. For 31,000 pounds of the group “Britain’s Future”, which is in favour of the Brexit have switched in the last seven days, political Ads on Facebook, in the past three months, for a total of 88.000 pounds, reports the “Guardian” and means a violation of Facebook’s to recognize the pledge, you’ve learned from the covert Propaganda of the Russian channels in the American election campaign and to leave only advertising with recognizable sender.

The “Guardian” does not find the source here is murky: nobody knew where the funds originated, the only known face of the campaign was the former Sitcom writer Tim Dawson (“Coming of Age”, “Two Pints of stock and a Packet of Crisps”), and have refused for more information about the money, with the two hundred different Ads were paid for. The goods, as it is saturated in data, goal-conscious companies such as Facebook fits exactly to the addressees in a tailored and requested to report to members of Parliament, so they vote for the Brexit.

clear is, who has issued within a period of just one week last December, 96684 pounds for eleven Videos in order to advertise in Facebook for the of Theresa May negotiated Brexit Deal. It was the British government itself. Still proud of the sums of money which have invested the Brexit opponents who want to keep Britain in the EU, most recently in Facebook ads. The group “People’s Vote” has spent £ 220,000 in terms of “Remain”, the Initiative “Best for Britain” 150,000 pounds. Two years ago, when the British debates, by a narrow majority in favour of the Brexit, had invested the operators of the “Leave”campaign before, around 2.7 million pounds in targeted Facebook advertising, including allegedly “Dark Ads”, which are only for the addressee visible and disappear again.