for weeks, Theresa May threatened: “My Deal or no Deal.” But a day before the vote on the withdrawal agreement on this Tuesday, you varied your warning: anyone Who does not agree with your Deal, the risk that Britain stay in the EU. In a speech to factory workers in the Brexit-high-castle-Stoke-on-Trent, a three-hour drive North of London, said the Prime Minister on Monday: “Even if ,No-Deal’ remains a serious risk, I have come to the judgment, that the likely result would be a paralysis in Parliament – with the risk that there is no Brexit.”

Jochen Buchsteiner

Political correspondent in London.

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of Course was may’s speech to the party friends in your group who want to leave, but not according to the requirements of this agreement. The warehouse, which is estimated to be a hundred deputies, responded unimpressed. The government has been working with “threats and fear”, said the former labour Minister Esther McVey, who had to leave like so many of the Cabinet in Protest against the Deal. Together with eleven former Ministers had previously written a letter to the Tory group in which the sender’s attitude demanded: “right, the Deal low agree”, because this is a “better future for our party, our country and its people free”.

The rebels do not want actions, not words

Mays whip lashes. But her carrot is not suitable, the Brexit-rebels – by far the largest camp of the opponents of your deal – to change his mind. The letter from Brussels, she presented on Monday to the house of Commons, was still behind the low expectations. European Council President Donald Tusk and Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker reiterated only the intent, not to put the controversial “Backstop” for Northern Ireland in force or to keep the time as short as possible. Thus, the EU had made “absolutely clear that the Backstop’ is neither a threat nor a trap,” interpreted May’s Writing. But the words remain – and the rebels want action. You require an Amendment to the agreement with the legally-binding guarantee that Britain can decide for on the date of entry into force and the length of the emergency plan.