Brussels and London did not come Brexit closer – negotiations in the sack gassedie EU and the UK are not making any progress in the negotiations on the future partnership. A disorderly exit from the single market and the customs Union is likely to be.Stephan Israel59 Kommentare59EU chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, is not optimistic. Photo: Thierry Monasse/

A hard break between the EU and the UK at the end of the year is increasingly likely. EU chief negotiator, Michel Barnier and his opponent from London have come in the third round of Negotiations is hardly closer. The British negotiator David Frost, accused the EU of an “ideological approach”. Barnier called on the British, in return, to change their strategy and be more realistic.

“I’m not optimistic,” said Barnier on the question of whether the risk of a hard break platforms without agreement to the end of the year. David Frost was a Declaration of disappointed. The UK is since the 31. January is no longer a member of the EU, during the transitional phase until the end of the year, but is still part of the single market and the customs Union. In the negotiations, both sides want to regulate the future partnership, in order to keep economic distortions to a minimum.

Fair competition

There is no progress because the United Kingdom seeks to respond to the Central demands, said Barnier. For this purpose, the so-called “Level playing field”, i.e. comparable competitive conditions. The EU offers the UK a trade agreement without payment of customs duties and quantitative restrictions, but also requires compliance with equivalent environmental and social standards. For the British this is out of the question. They insist on their newly acquired sovereignty and want to rid yourself of EU rules.

Formally the British to seek a free trade agreement, the EU has concluded with Canada, or Japan. In fact, the UK wants to maintain but in many areas, the Status quo of the membership. For example, when access to the internal market for Energy or the possibility for the liberal professions such as lawyers or architects in the EU. The British side would also like to be able to police databases in the EU, the passenger database, the PNR or the European arrest warrant use of, but not the case law of the European court of justice accept.

The climate is increasingly irritated

With a view to the access of the financial industry in the UK wants to have a say in the equivalence decisions. The EU Commission had to experience Switzerland for the recognition of equivalence for the stock are at the discretion. London wants to here terms and conditions at least better than other third countries such as Switzerland. The British wanted to continue the benefits of membership, only without the annoying obligations, said Barnier. The EU will not weaken UK data protection. We are also not willing to put the future of the internal market on the game, the main asset of the EU: “We want a Deal, but not at any price,” said Barnier.

The next and potentially crucial round of Negotiations to be held in the first week of June. Also by video conference, what makes the dialogue easier. The interview climate was increasingly irritated, it said on Friday. The exchange on the sidelines of the negotiations or in the evening when beer is missing. By the end of June, the British would have to decide whether to extend the transitional period and the negotiations on the partnership agreement a better Chance. So far, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has ruled out an extension, but strictly. Without the result of a tough break threatens the end of the year, trade between the EU and the UK would have to be introduced according to the rules of the world trade organization, for example, customs duties.

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