with The ongoing Brexit risks, the family of the prime minister, Boris Johnson, all the way to the mix. After all, his brother, the government stepped in, called his sister, Rachel, in the final speech of the prime minister in the British parliament, “in poor taste and reprehensible”.

Boris Johnson, responded to the parliament on the error of the Worker-elected representatives. They thought that the prime minister had come to an end, the debate is heating up with terms such as a “country traitor” and “surrender”. “We get death threats”. Johnson responded that he made the comment, humbug I thought. Translation: the thick spittle.

The debate has turned all the way, when Tracy Brabin is the successor to the late Labour mp, member of parliament, Jo Cox, is the word for me. Cox was an outspoken critic of Brexit as they are a week or so before the referendum, was shot and killed by an extreme right-wing loner. “We want to be safe and secure to be able to feel, in the exercise of our functions,” said Brabin. Johnson responded by saying, “that is the greatest honor that we have of Jo Cox to be able to prove the execution of the Brexit”.

That calmed down, the feelings are not real. To the extent that now, even to the point of Johnson, and her brother, terechtwijst. To the point, a well-known opponent of a Brexit, cited earlier, the media on prime time tv to take her blouse off and is topless as a protest against Brexit. Earlier, it had also broerJo Johnson, for his discharge is given as a minister of state was so dissatisfied with the politics of his brother.

Rachel Johnson (Photo: EPA, EFE is More about Brexit‘, Boris Johnson, has set a new record low, ” you, Boris Johnson, wants the parliament to re-suspend, Boris Johnson, challenges parliament to get the government to do: “to Him but rather a vote of no confidence in a” Johnson, get them laughing, the hand with the most bizarre Brexitvergelijking