59 days prior to the intended termination date of the British from the European Union on 29. In March, the entire stage lighting seems to be this Tuesday, once again, to the house of Commons. 15 p.m., the deputies will debate and against 20 clock to the vote. Once again it is a question of the conditions under which London and the EU want to leave – or not. After the deputies two weeks ago, the Prime Minister, Theresa May, negotiated a draft Treaty by the fall, now takes over the house the other design.

Oliver Kühn

editor in the policy.

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the basis for the forthcoming debate with a submission to the government. But it is neutral and merely States, that May presented last week in Parliament, their Plan for further action and the house has dealt with that. This should be possible without problems by the representatives of the people waved through. Important the template is because it allows the deputies to introduce Amendments and have it in. According to the Order Paper of Parliament, eleven applications were not available until Tuesday morning. The speaker of the house of Commons, John Bercow, seven admitted. Two weeks ago, as Mays draft contract fell through, there was only one Amendment, he was voting, and was ultimately enough to May be communicated to the unwillingness of the Parliament.

The parties try to move in the run-up to as many as possible members of a signature under your favorite Amendments, to signal to Bercow, he may allow this request. This calculus on the Amendment “n”, which is supported by the government. In the “Order Paper,” he adds 65 signatures. The Conservative Graham Brady tabled it. The content of the application for the order May, to go back to Brussels, and a discharge of the contract not to negotiate, contains the Backstop for Ireland, but “alternative Arrangements to avoid a hard limit” on the island of Ireland. The application has many supporters, but a success would not be possible, since he is supporting a hard Brexit available still to vague. May should clarify, however, in the debate, what it wants to achieve as an Alternative and like the the Brexiteers, could go through the application.