The “miracle of the river Thames” is remained as expected. Come out for Prime Minister Theresa May is to be during the vote on the European Union negotiated agreement on the withdrawal of Britain from the Union, however, an infamous record. With a majority of 230 votes lost in the modern age no British government, a vote in Parliament.

it is Largely academic now, the question is, who is this Disaster for the government is to blame. Much more important is how to do it now. May is right when she says that the vote of the Parliament say nothing about what the house of Commons.

it Failed at the largest negative coalition in recent history. Brexit-fanatics have found themselves with proponents of remaining in the Union to an unholy Alliance.

More controversial: border control in Ireland

Probably the Premier is trying to Minister, to take at least a further effort to bring an acceptable settlement has been reached. They will try to talk with the EU. Substantial Changes to the once a negotiated agreement is not reached.

But maybe the actual agreement can be a letter from the kind to add, as Council President Donald Tusk and Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker of these days to London. It contained some clarifications, not least on the controversial subject of border control in Ireland. Not much time remains.

the Situation in The Parliament procedure. What actually speaks against it, in the face of this desolate situation, the people once more to ask? It is significant that a Brexit-warns ideologue like Nigel Farage in front of a second Referendum. In 2016, the voters have succumbed to a feeling of General malaise. A better life outside the EU seemed possible.

Now the facts are on the table. Better it would go to neither the UK nor the EU-27. You may want to, of course. But that has nothing to do with the heavenly States, who had promised the outlet fanatics of the voters.

If a majority in the face of the facts would vote to leave, then you must let the UK go. Then, should sing after no one is the lament that you didn’t know, so Yes, actually, and wanted.