A female thief and was very rude to work when she was struck in two stores in the country. She was stripping when she was in a clothing store, binnenstormde, pulled up in a stolen dress, and left just as quickly as they had come. The thief was there, but not enough of it, and stepped out a few minutes later, a jewelry store, where they have had the courage to look into the mirror at her in the stolen dress watch. Then she went out to go to the “expensive bits”.

“She was crying all of a sudden that she was crazy, but wouldn’t hesitate to kill me if I were the police called me,” says the startled owner. “Thank god that I was not hurt at all. It is not clear if the Brazilian police, the woman has already been identified.

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“Extremely cowardly”: thief robs an elderly woman (95)

the Thief will receive immediate punishment by the order, and will be for a while, not packs, more missions

Savvy is the man during the arrest of four police officers to be dealing with this sly trick:

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