The city –
Strangers in the night from Sunday to Monday, the diy store, Brico, in the City, a bold break-in took place. The culprits took the time to make a hole in the facade, creating in this way, It can penetrate into the interior. The booties are made up of thousands of euro’s they need. This is the third time that the subsidiary was, at the Tongeren Luikersteenweg the thief on the floor.

previously, the hackers have a picture of the building is ‘twist-off’, which is a hole in the concrete wall. The offenders were placed in the section of the garden, and took lawn mowers, space for robot mowers and lawn edge trimmers with it.

in the brutal home invasion, was the store a mess, re-created. Shelves with christmas decorations, which were omgeduwd. The local police and the City-Herstappe did all the necessary checks. The criminal investigation department conducted an extensive crime scene.