The action that the government proposes to take against the stookolieketels to bring some of the 5,000 jobs at risk. That said Brafco, the Belgian federation of brandstoffenhandelaars. “We’re going to do this with all possible means to fight,” said general manager Johan Mattart.

Brafco organize today/on Tuesday in her first symposium. Something that had been planned, but the measures put in place for the new Flemish government coalition agreement is a key issue for the industry, and they were dealt with. “A declaration of war,” so said the chairman, Etienne Rigo’s. “The industry is in intensive care.”

The new Flemish government will, starting in 2021 stookolieketels for new construction and major energy renovations are prohibited. In addition, it is prohibited to use an existing stookolieketel have to be replaced if there is a kind of natural gas network in the street.

“Counterproductive” measures, in the opinion Brafco. According to Mattart, it would be the government’s research focus on “the potential of the existing technologies, due to the replacement of old, energy-wasting appliances with new stookolieketels right tax incentives, and for use in a synthetic fuel which is also in the stookolieketels can be used. Currently, it warms up, according to Brafco, about one-quarter of the households in Flanders with the oil.

in The small Flemish-ban threatens up to 5,000 direct and indirect jobs in the sector, according to the federation. “It’s going to include drivers, engineers, maintenance personnel, installers, inspectors, and manufacturers of boilers”, said Mattart. Brafco is not just to make the decision.

“We’re going to that, using all possible means to fight, both in law and substance,” according to Mattart. Brafco, in particular, has serious doubts as to whether the Flemish government is competent to make a judgement on the stookolieketels issue. “Bart Tommelein (at that time the minister of Energy, ed. last year, something similar was proposed, but it is the meantime, because of the Flemish government does not have jurisdiction. If they are not in charge, why would they do that?”.

finally, The sector federation asks to get a consultation with a brand new energieminister Zuhal Demir (N-VA). “We want to put our grievances out of the cloth and the prime minister pointing out that the negative impact of the measures taken.”