A ten-year-old boy in the U.s. other attractions in the critically injured at a theme park. During a ride on a cable car to went down all of a sudden, not good. His harness was not properly secured, causing his feet to the bar area.

The incident dates back to september 1, but the footage was only recently made available by the lawyer for the family of the victim. A mistake by a worker in a theme park, Urban Air Trampoline, it was to be the cause of the accident. The leg straps of the harness were not connected, allowing the boy to cling to not fall to. A few seconds later, he lost his grip and was followed by the inevitable crash.

The teen was walking in the fall, a few broken ribs, lung collapse, and head injuries in. After five days, he was able, fortunately, to leave the hospital. “Urban Air is committed to the safety and well-being of the guests, they said it seemed to be a spokesperson for the theme park. “We take this very seriously. Our members of staff will have a new course will be given. The employees who were involved in the incident, the company has in the meantime left.”

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