On September 23, 1970, actor Bourvil tragically died at the age of 53. The one who had known glory thanks to Corniaud or La Grande Vadrouille was fighting against Kahler’s disease, a disease of the bone marrow. Until the end, the actor never wanted to hang up. A few days after his death, he triumphed with the films Le Cercle rouge and Le Mur de l’Atlantique.

His disappearance was a real national loss. A tragic disappearance for his two sons Dominique and Philippe, born of his relationship with his wife Jeanne Lefrique. In an interview with France Bleu, Dominique Raimbourg, former deputy for the 4th district of Loire-Atlantique, returned to his death when he was only 20 years old.

“He was a father like the others. That is to say, as a father, he tried to be the best possible, to push us to study. He instilled in us a taste for work and respect. of the others. In addition, he had a personal taste for the comic, the fantasy and it remained in his private life. But I did not have the feeling that he was a different father from the others, “he explained.

His other son, Philippe Raimbourg, became director of the Sorbonne management school. The latter also kept happy memories of his father as he had entrusted to Figaro. “There were funny moments, with jokes from my father”.

A father who, however, had to navigate between his family and his celebrity. “Every summer, we would go to my grandparents’ house in Normandy, in the village of Bourville, and there would be a party with rides and bumper cars. And I wanted to go do some bumper cars. And my father would tell me “You’re going to go with your uncle because I can’t go with you. We won’t make it. We would have asked him for autographs and we wouldn’t have been able to do bumper cars,” says the politician Dominique Raimbourg.

September 23 will mark the 52nd anniversary of his death. France 3 will broadcast a new documentary on “The crossing of Bourvil”.

An evening dedicated to Bourvil who continues to inspire the sympathy of the French, 50 years after his death “__ ________́_ __ _______”, it’s Friday at 9.10 pm! pic.twitter.com/L0xEVPzhgP