For the past few weeks, some major brands of mineral water have been out of stock in several supermarkets. It seems that this shortage is due to a disagreement between central purchasing and seller, according to La Dépêche.

Indeed, the purchasing center “Auxo Achats Alimentaires” is currently in talks with Danone. The head office is responsible for purchasing for the Intermarché and Géant Casino brands, which are therefore the stores most affected by these disruptions. Danone would have raised its prices by nearly 22%, justifying this increase by soaring prices for gasoline, energy, and plastic.

Didier Duhaupand, president of the group to which Intermarché belongs, declared on the set of BFMTV last week that these prices seemed exaggerated to him, as reported by La Dépêche. An agreement between these two parties has still not been reached, while the negotiations were started last August.

One of the brands that also disappeared from stores is not part of the Danone group, and communicated the reasons, quite different, for which deliveries of its bottles were becoming rarer in supermarkets. This summer’s heatwaves have weakened the source operated by this brand.

The company was therefore forced to reduce its production significantly, so as not to risk using it to exhaustion, and ensure its back in the long term.

Find below the 5 brands affected by this shortage.