Hans-Joachim Watzke was proud of how long. The Bundesliga leader Dortmund in the Champions League at the end of the group stage at the very top, offset the club head in enthusiasm. “We need not to celebrate, but at the Moment everything is a dream,” he commented on the 2:0 (1:0) in the preliminary rounds-the Showdown in Monaco, Borussia continued their impressive in flight. To facilitate the business leader of the in the preseason yet miserably failed area club are also in Europe again caused a stir: “It was important that we make after this pathetic year, a significant business card.”

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more and More power in Dortmund is a mood of optimism and wide, many observers are reminded of the glorious time under Jürgen Klopp at the beginning of this decade. In the last preliminary round of the jump to the top of the group A game but failed, because Atlético Madrid held at FC Bruges 0:0, fit for fairy-tale success story of the past few months. Even without the alpha wolfes Marco Reus and Axel Witsel, and other protected or injured professionals on the same nine positions, changing the Team remained on track for success. “Just the players that do not come so often, not give in, but to show, what they show in Training. In order to drive the team forward,“ was the full-back Marcel Schmelzer, who celebrated after a week-long forced break his Comeback.

unlike in the previous year, as the BVB adopted with only two points from the Premier class, he registered this time, a whopping 13 points, and remained as the first German Team in the group stage of the competition in five games without conceding a goal. “We have again shown the true face of Borussia Dortmund. At the Moment, we take advantage of every opportunity to collect plus points and work on self-confidence,“ said Sebastian Kehl, the head of the franchise Department.

not glamorous, but the sovereign presence of the reservists appreciated Watzke as an indication of the growing strength of the Borussia. “You have seen that the second suit fits. For sure at the Moment, a strength that we have such a big width.“ Especially, the two-time scorer Raphael Guerreiro (15./88. Minute) took advantage of the Chance to recommend themselves for further starting operations. “Whenever he got the Chance, he used you and was always very present,” said Kehl.

As the group winners Borussia enjoys the advantage of the decisive return game in the round of sixteen at home. In addition, the table leader will remain with the Bundesliga in the draw on Monday big chunks like Real Madrid, FC Barcelona or Paris Saint-Germain, with the former coach Thomas Tuchel saves. However, there could be an explosive reunion with the former Coach Klopp, who was in the difficult group C with FC Liverpool Second. “Liverpool in the next round should now be,” Watzke. “That would be tough,” said Mario Götze.

Further success in the three before Christmas, even the upcoming Bundesliga matches against Bremen, Düsseldorf and Mönchengladbach could Refine the previously excellent first half of the season. With a victory on Saturday over Bremen in the autumn would be a championship already secure. “This is a title you get nothing. But to him, it is not psychologically so bad,“ said Watzke.

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