The University of tübingen’s mayor Boris Palmer (Green party) has called on its party, the AfD-voters approach. “The lack of communication between the AfD and the Green is perhaps the biggest political Problem in our country this year,” Palmer said the “Bild am Sonntag”. “We as a party with the state, political responsibility would have to overcome and an inclusive approach, trying to see in the AfD-voters first of all the Democrats and not the Nazi.”

the AfD, he hoped for nothing, said Palmer “has an interest in ensuring that this division goes on and on, so she wins their voters.”

Green should acknowledge that according to Palmer’s problems with refugees

Palmer threw his own party to ignore certain problems, for ideological reasons: “My party has an idealistic Excess. You don’t tend to see problems when you run out of groups considered to be disadvantaged or in need of protection.“ His party would do well to acknowledge that there is, for example, with refugees, or the issue of inclusion in the municipalities of problems, said Palmer.

In the “Sunday trend” of the Emnid-Institute for the “picture on Sunday” the Greens lost a percentage point, with 18 per cent, but more. The Union grew by two percentage points to 31 percent. The SPD would be unchanged, 15 per cent of the respondents, the AfD remains at 14 percent. The Left is as least 9 percent, the FDP needs to make a point, and only 8 per cent.