Boris Becker – “we Have become a country of racists?”The six-times Grand Slam winner has been attacked because of his participation in an Anti-racism Demonstration in the social media. Laura Inderbitzin8 Kommentare8Mit this Video, Boris Becker caused some resentment.Video: Boris Becker via Instagram

Also, Germany’s tennis legend Boris Becker has joined the “Black Lives Matter”protests. The 52-Year-old posted a surprise a Video of yourself at a Demo in London and then in addition to positive Feedback, too many negative comments.

“I’m shocked, shocked, shocked about the many insults ONLY from Germany for my support of the #black live matters-Demo,” wrote the six-times Grand Slam winner as a reaction to it on Twitter, “why, why, why??? We have become a country of racists…?”

In a second Tweet, Becker wrote: “Apparently, many people in Germany did not always understand that it is my family history!”

His four children all have a multi-cultural Background. Noah (26) and Elias (20) are from the first marriage with Barbara Becker, the daughter of an African-American and a German. From a brief affair with Angela Ermakova, the Nigerian roots, a native daughter, Anna (20). And Amadeus (10) comes from the marriage with Lilly, who has ancestors in Suriname.

Boris and Barbara Becker were married from 1993 to 2001. Barbara is the daughter of an African-American photographer and a German teacher.Photo: KeystoneAus of the marriage of the two sons, Noah and Elias.Photo: Boris Becker via instagram in addition, the German has a child with Angela Ermakova, the North African roots.Photo: Keystone1 / 4

On Monday posted a Becker then again a Video in the social media and expressed his Regret that, in Germany, in terms of “Black Lives Matter” yet, very little happens. “We should speak more publicly about it. We are all a family,” he said.

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