After the recovery of the in a borehole in Spain lost their lives two years, Julen, the child’s body has been an autopsy was conducted on Saturday. The daily newspaper “Malaga Hoy” reported, citing circles, the autopsy revealed that the little Boy died the day he was dropped into the hole. Accordingly, the two-year-old died of a skull-brain Trauma.

The two-year-old was on 13. January in the illegally dug and unmarked borehole fallen in, while his parents nodded in the vicinity of pick. Hundreds of engineers, police and mining experts were after the accident, round-the-clock to be able to the boys might still be alive save. They were encountered again and again on difficulties in the face of hard rock. In the night of Saturday, the boy’s body was found.

Since Julens Disappearance, there had been no sign of the two-year-olds. Responders found only hair of the boy and a candy bag in the hole.