The weeks follow one another and the months look alike: they give pride of place to inflation. From now on, informs the daily Les Echos on its site, it is even close to the 6% mark on French soil. Its rapid growth is likely to change everything, or almost, of consumer habits in the country. However, continue our colleagues, it has not yet been able to push the French and the French to abandon savings. They certainly put less money aside, but have not yet given up on the idea of ​​investing their money. At the risk, sometimes, of dealing with negative rates of return…

The month of July 2022, which will open this Friday, is accompanied by a certain number of measures designed by the government to better preserve the purchasing power of French women and men. Like every month, several measures are linked at the beginning of the month. Summary of all that awaits you in our slideshow, which you will find at the end of this article.

It is difficult, on a personal level, to fight against the sharp rise in consumer prices. In certain sectors, such as the energy sector, it is estimated at more than 30% on an annual basis, underlines BFMTV.

Saving, explained Nathalie Cariou recently in our columns, is no longer enough to protect against inflation. According to the financial intelligence coach, there is only investment left to continue to protect – or even grow! – its capital. It remains to fully understand the subtle difference between these two financial attitudes…

Fuel boost

The discount of 18 cents on a liter of fuel, decided during the previous term, was to end on July 31. However, it will be extended, as Dossier Familial explains on its site. Motorists will therefore be able to benefit from it until August 31 of the same year.

Certain boilers prohibited

Oil and coal boilers will be banned from July 1, 2022, note Ouest-France. This means that once your appliance is faulty, it will no longer be possible to replace it with a boiler of the same type, except “in the event that it is impossible to use other energy sources”.

Unfreezing of the civil service index point

The index point for civil servants, which makes it possible to calculate the evolution of the income of civil servants, must be unfrozen for the first time after 5 years of costly stability. It must be revalued by 3.5%, unheard of in 37 years.

It’s the end of the speaking clock!

The Talking Clock, born in 1933, allows everyone to obtain the time via a telephone call to 3699. This invention by Ernest Esclangon, an astronomer who was notably director of the Paris Observatory, will disappear because rendered obsolete in the digital age.

Real estate rental: new obligations for landlords

Lessor owners will soon have new obligations, still informs Ouest-France. As of July 1, they will indeed have to mention certain information on their ads. The site of the public service mentions in particular the amount of the monthly rent, its possible supplement but also the rental charges, recoverable, as well as the methods of payment of the latter.

Easy name change

As of July 1, 2022, it will become easier to change your name. All you need is a simple civil status declaration to take the name of your mother, your father, or both. “A parent may also add their name, for convenience, to that of their child, by informing the other parent. If the child is over 13, his agreement will be necessary”, specifies the site of the public service.

Revaluation of retirement pensions

Retirement pensions will be reassessed upwards from July 1. As promised by the Head of State and his executive, they will increase by 4% to counter the inflationary pressure facing policyholders. The payment of pensions for the month of July, however, will take place in August.

What about social benefits?

In the same logic of the fight for the purchasing power of French women and men, notes again Dossier Familial on its site, several services should also benefit from a revaluation. This is the case for RSA, AAH, ASPA, but also APL, ALF and ALS.

Enhanced energy renovation aid

The energy cause will also be entitled to its little boost, on July 1st. It will indeed become possible to combine a zero-rate eco-loan (maximum amount: 30,000 euros) with the MaPrimeRénov’ scheme.

Restaurant ticket: back to normal

The ceiling for restaurant tickets, set at 38 euros since June 2020, will drop to 19 euros on July 1, 2022, the Ministry of the Economy informed.

Electric car: the ecological bonus maintained

The purchase of an electric vehicle or a hybrid car will still allow, after July 1, 2022, to benefit from an ecological bonus of 6,000 euros.