Book tips for the summer – magic books of the Time on hot days, there are many. We go back with them on trips – to the youth. A selection of our favorites.Stefan Busz0 KommentareDie color of reading: the summer green.Image: zvg

If you type in the library catalogue with the keyword “summer”, comes first of all: nothing. Because there are too many summer. Then the title: “hottest summer”. “The summer of 1927”. “Sommer in Brandenburg”. “Summer in Vienna”. “A new summer”. “Her last summer”. “Summer in the small bakery on the Strandweg”. “Summer, Sun, Sun Down”. “Summer, Sun, Knitting Ideas”. Since it is shot a bit beyond that, with the light Summer knits for street style and fashion trends. Anyway: All find something here for that special time.

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“It was a summer without meteorological peculiarities, the summer of Charles de Gaulle’s return, the new Franc and the new Republic … and Dalida Mon histoire sang “, c’est l’histoire d’un amour”.” It was the summer of 1958. But it was not the summer of love. Annie Ernaux writes of herself: as a young woman. How you fell in love in a holiday camp in a older man. And from him and dropped was raped.

Annie Ernaux: a reminder of a girl. Suhrkamp, 140 pages, 17.90 Swiss francs

drunk in front of luck

“We have time, all summer long, and we are only ten minutes on the road. But the mood of, well, the mood could be better.” The debut novel by Sarah hunter tells the story of a group of young people who work as temps in the Penny market somewhere in the Ruhr area and in search of Jo to make the is gone. A story full of adventure. And the young Narrator finds himself.

Sarah hunter: To the front, to the South. Rowohlt paperback, 224 pages, approximately 28.90 CHF

To Paris!

“I got this summer, no post card. You weren’t in Brittany?”, the girl, Mireille says to Malo. He: “What quatschstdumichan, you fat cow.” The Boy missed the girls like to label, Mireille is for him, the Bronze-sausage of the year. It breaks then on to Paris, together with two colleagues, 460 kilometers on the bike. And along the way, the three sausages to sell. A totally crazy Road-Movie.

Clémentine Bauvais: The Queens of the sausages Carlsen, 288 pages, to 13.90 Swiss francs

teacher u nterwegs in g elves VW

“The mood was exuberant, the summer holidays, waited, and much more, none of them thought anyway. How young and enthusiastic you are, thought Beck.” The man knows, however, that the ageing of The forcing errors. Long Beck, 37, a failed musician, unleidiger a secondary school teacher, double chin, no more illusions has. Until he, along with two companions, on the way to Istanbul in a yellow VW.

Benedict, Wells, Becks last summer. Diogenes, 469 pages, approx. 17.90 Swiss francs

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