Boeing ceo Dennis Muilenburg will be on the U.s. Congress to agree that the prime contractor had made mistakes in the development of the 737 MAX. This is evident from the statement made by Muilenburg and will do. A copy of which has been the company to come out.

finally, The president will appear Tuesday before a committee of the Senate and a day later, before a committee of the House of Representatives. “We know that we have made mistakes and some things could have been done”, it will be the words that Muilenburg, then speaks up. “We have made improvements to the 737 MAX are implemented in order to ensure that such accidents never happen again.”

The president in his declaration does not address how the error came to be. One of the members of the committee of the House had previously been known that the executive chairman include, among others, for the tongue can be felt all over the information that the aircraft may be deliberately withheld. A supervisor with the FAA, it would not have been informed of the problems with the 737 MAX, during the development phase of the incident plane.

346 people were killed.

as of Tuesday, it will be exactly a year ago that Indonesia 737 MAX aircraft speed. Last march it threw the same type of aircraft, from Ethiopia down to it. In total, 346 people were killed. The two aircraft accidents are most likely to be the result of a system that, with the nose pointing down continued to press, because a sensor is not working properly. Boeing would have been aware of the technical issue.

“We are in mourning for those who lost their lives there on a Lion Air flight 610, and the Ethiopian Airlines flight 302, and extend our deepest condolences to their families and friends. We will always remember,” he writes ” Boeing, on its web site. Because of the crash, the 737 MAX aircraft around the world to the ground.

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